The ‘Roaring twenties’ and the following 'Great Depression’ are musicaly very interesting times. The acoustic guitar is shaped as we know it today and the resonator guitar was invented in that period. The blues at that time became mighty popular and some of the first blues records came out at that time.

The blues is the beginning point of Western music as it's known today. At that time, blues was played in many different forms. Think of ragtime, hokumblues (double meaning blues), country and urban blues, worksongs, …

Al Johns and De Peet cherish these musical treasures from way back then. They bring an old fashioned showcase that takes you back to these times. They tell interesting stories, bring good songs with both acoustic and slide guitar and harmonica.

The main examples are? Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Elmore James, Tampa Red, Sonny Boy Williamson, Leadbelly, Bessie Smith, Jimmy Rushing, …

Al Johns is a multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, singer and songwriter, but above all an excellent slide guitar player. Al has been travelling the whole world and played in many different countries. He plays both resonatorand acoustic guitar.

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